Family Values

I had recently posted this photo of my grandparents on Facebook, on the occasion of my grandfather’s birth anniversary. I’m sharing this here so that you know the values with which he and my grandmother raised their family.


Here is an excerpt from my post, giving an insight into the mind of this man; a humanist, visionary and a person far ahead of his time. In an age where the prevailing culture trampled on women and their rights, he:

  • treated his daughters as equals to his sons, ensuring that all his kids completed their graduation.
  • deemed the typical Malayali term of ‘edi’ to refer to women as derogatory and never used it, nor allowed his sons to use it.
  • barred his wife Mercy from the kitchen on Sundays, declaring it was her time to rest from the busyness of raising 4 kids, before proceeding to cook delicious meals for his family; though Sunday was also his only day off.
  • neither gave dowry for his daughters, nor accepted it for his sons (despite it being offered).
  • was not swayed by “aristocratic” family names and other such pompous claims to superiority, instead treating each individual with respect based on their own merits.
  • stood for what was right and fair, instead of blindly following demeaning traditions.