Mercy’s Family

This is who we are:



  • SIL – son-in-law
  • DIL – daughter-in-law
  • GSIL – grandson-in-law

Mercy’s husband, my grandfather Alexander passed away in 2003 and her eldest son in 2014.

All these families related by marriage to Mercy, are your everyday, ordinary Catholic families. But there is one family in particular I want to put in the spotlight, DIL 2’s Family A.

Family A has a matriarch who is a church counsellor, plus an older daughter and husband, who have been marriage counsellors for many years. Indeed, that alliance was brought about by Daughter 1, as she was impressed by this seemingly devoted, God-fearing family whose elders were so actively involved in church life.

Now you would think that with experienced counsellors around, we should be a sorted out, smoothly functioning family. Clearly, we’re not. This blog aims to uncover the reason why.